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Sustainable Working Life – A Programme from The Central Government Social Partners’ Council

The Central Government Social Partners' Council’s programme Sustainable Working Life is a initiative from the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and the civil service unions to promote healthier and inspiring workplaces for civil servants in the state sector. The programme aims to create a better working day every day in the Swedish state sector by offering a number of services through direct support to the central governmental organisations and agencies.

The Central Government Social Partners' Council is a non-profit organisation funded by the central government employers in cooperation with unions to promote cooperation between local parties. As a joint venture between these parties, the organisation form is unique to the Swedish labour market model of employer-employee relations based in cooperation and central collective bargaining with local application of collective agreements.

The way we work is changing, due to digitalisation, demographic developments and other transformative changes to society today. The Swedish governmental sector face a broad spectrum of challenges in adapting to the changes at the same time, through the Swedish model, possessing a great strength in facing these. Increased demands on efficiency, a workforce that spans over a greater number of generations before and the challenge of attracting and keeping new talent all have to be balanced. Employees are able and encouraged to retire later than today, but the health of governmental employees is declining in Sweden. In tradition with the consenus-making of Swedish model of labour organisation, the unions and the Swedish Agency for Government Employers saw the need for joint action to address these vital issues. In 2017 they created the programme for Susainable Working Life under the umbrella organization of The Central Government Social Partners’ Council.

Today, the programme for Sustainable Working Life has developed a comprehensive set of innovative services to adress the specific challenges central government agencies face. The aim and ambition is to address preventative measures to combat health and social issues rehabilitation of sick employees, promotional and inspirational measures and development measures for life-long learning. The programme provides governmental agencies with tailored top-of-the line tools and assessments to promote a more sustainable working life. They bring together the vast experiences of the Swedish central government, understanding of the specific challenges faced by it, the latest research and innovative digital tools.